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Pacific Maritime Ecozone


Human Activities
Natural Vegetation and Soil



          The Pacific Maritime Ecozone covers a lot of land (over 195 000 square kilometers), therefore, it consists of several different landforms. These landforms give character and beauty to this amazing ecozone.


          The landforms that take up the most space in the Pacific Maritime ecozone, are the Coast Mountains. They are incredibly steep and rugged. The Coast Mountains are also very young and at their tallest points you can find ice sheets and glaciers! They cover a lot of land being 1600 kilometers long and 200 kilometers wide along the coast of British Columbia and some of the Alaskan Panhandle. These mountains are mostly made up of granite and they are some of the most incredible landforms to look at within this ecozone.


          Another amazing landform that can be found in the Pacific Maritime ecozone is a fiord. A fiord is an inlet of sea between high cliffs, and there are plenty of those here. They were formed from retreating glaciers and have now become very steep sided. Along the British Columbia Coast, fiords can be found 190 kilometers inland and 2000 meters deep making them some of the longest and deepest in the entire world.


          Major landforms that can be found in the Pacific Maritime Region are the lush forests. There is so much forested land in this area that some places are hard to access. This ecozone is practically made up of 50% forested area!


          Other minor landforms include beaches along the coastline, flat plains in the Fraser Delta, massive glaciers on the Northern Coast, and spectacular hot spots or hot springs (as a result of the Pacific Maritime being in The Ring of Fire.)


          Overall there are several different landforms in the Pacific Maritime ecozone and all of them contribute to the miraculous and mystifying effect that the Pacific Maritime possesses.


Above is a picture of a hot spring. These hot springs can be found throughout the ecozone. I have been in one of these hot springs before and it smellled like rotten eggs! It was because of the sulfer content! They apppear because the Pacific Maritime Ecozone is part of the Ring of Fire, causing magma in this area to be very close to the earth, in turn making the water in some areas extremely hot!

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These trees are just some of the many forested area that can be found throughout this ecozone


Theses are the coast mountains. As you can see there are ice sheets and glaciers at the top.


This is a fiord. It was formed form retreating glaciers. There are many of these inlets that go between the mountains. Aren't they beautiful!

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