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Pacific Maritime Ecozone


Human Activities
Natural Vegetation and Soil




          The Pacific Maritime ecozone has a maritime climate as a result of being directly beside the Pacific Ocean. This ecozone gets some of the warmest and wettest weather in all of Canada.


          Most of the precipitation can be found in the North where they can receive up to 3000 mm, or along the coastline where they get the effects of the polar jet stream being carried along by Pacific winds. Most precipitation tends to occur in the winter.


          The temperature range in this area is about 12 degrees Celsius which is a very small range. This is because of the moderating effect the Pacific Ocean has. During the winters the ocean is warmer then the land and the wind blows over it warming up the land making the average temperature for winter about -1.5 degrees Celsius. Also, during the summer the water is a lot cooler, and when the wind blows over it the land becomes cooler with the average summer temperature being only 13 degrees Celsius!


          The climate here is very attractive to most people because it is mild and the winters aren’t as harsh.

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Above is a picture of the Pacific Ocean that has greatly affected the climate of the Pacific Maritime Ecozone.


The temperature range of this Ecozone is only 12 degrees! That is minimal to other temperature ranges of different ecozones, for example the Praries has a temperature range of 25 degrees!

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