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Pacific Maritime Ecozone

Human Activities

Human Activities
Natural Vegetation and Soil

Human Activities


The Pacific Maritime Ecozone is a very populated area. In fact, as a result of immigration, over 2.5 million people live there, that is about two thirds of all British-Columbians living in one ecozone!


Forestry is the primary industry in this area. This includes logging and pulp and paper industries. Forestry is huge in the area; in fact, one out of every 5 jobs in this ecozone is tied to the forestry industry in some way. When it comes to cutting down the rainforests in this area clear cutting seems to be the most popular method because you can eliminate thousands of trees very quickly. The people here are very dependant on this industry as over 337 communities rely on the jobs it provides.


The secondary industry in the Pacific Maritime is fishing. Coastal communities are very big on fishing as they are supplied with plentiful resources from the Pacific Ocean. However, it is not only the ocean that can provide, the Pacific Maritime can offer more fishing miles then any other place in the world as they have inlets, rivers, and lakes that are also habitats for countless species of fish.


The tertiary industry of the Pacific Maritime ecozone is farming and agriculture. This ecozone is blessed with rich soil that is great for crops. Farming is mainly important in the south where they grow various types of fruit trees.


Tourism is a major human activity. The Pacific Maritime Ecozone has a rare majestic beauty and people form all over the world are drawn to it. There are natural things such as whale watching, wilderness tours, and trips to the hot springs. There are also more developed tourism areas such as the several resorts on beaches or on ski hills, there are even helicopter rides available! Tourism is huge economic activity and is one of the most common human activities.


Another big part of the economy is transportation. Large cargo ships and other boat traffic use the Pacific Maritime’s waterways and harbors.


Minor human activities include totem pole making, cruise ships and barges.


Overall, there is so much that can be done in the Pacific Maritime Ecozone. Whether you’re working for a living, or enjoying the beauty of the oceans or mountains, there are a lot of human activities taking place in this ecozone. 

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Whale watching is one of the many fascinating human activities that take place in the Pacific Maritime ecozone.


Foresty is the primary industry. Other related things such as logging and pulp and paper industries are also big.


Fishing is the secondary industry. The Pacific Maritime is actually legendary for it's terrific salmon!


Can you believe they actaully give tours in helicopters these days!

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