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Pacific Maritime Ecozone


Human Activities
Natural Vegetation and Soil



          There is a wide variety of wildlife in the Pacific Maritime ecozone because this ecozone is very diverse as it has forested land, fiords, and the ocean that can create great habitats for any species of wildlife.


          Land mammals are very common in the forested area. Typical animals you might see here include:

        Black-tailed Dear

        Cougar or Mountain Lion

        Black and Grizzly Bears


Other land animals are birds. There are many species of birds in this ecozone and each species is incredibly unique. The types of birds you will most frequently see are:

        Tufted Puffin

        Bald Eagle

        Blue grouse



The last kind of land mammals you may find are subspecies that have evolved in this region. These unique animals include:

        The Vancouver island Marmot (only found in alpine meadows on Vancouver island)

        The “Blond” or “Kermodei” bear (found on a few North coastal islands)

        Roosevelt elk


Many other organisms and wildlife don’t find a habitat on land, but rather in the Marine ecosystems. The most common marine mammals present are:

        Harbor seal

        Northern Sea lion

        Grey Whale

        Blue Whale

        Pilot Whale

        Killer Whale


There are also tremendous amounts of different fish in this ecozone. Some live in the Oceans salt water, and others live in fresh water. Prime examples of the fish here include:


        Pacific Halibut

        Cutthroat trout



Some species of birds also make the water their home. These migrating shorebirds and waterfowl include:

        Trumpeter swan

        Sandhill Crane



As you can see there are several different species of wildlife within this ecozone, and the unique animals here only add to the greatness of the Pacific Maritime ecozone.

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Above is a Tuffted Puffin. It is very unique looking and can be seen commonly around The Pacific Maritime.


The Killer Whale is one of many different marine mammals of this ecozone


Above is a harbor seal. It may look lazy and slow now, but when it gets in the water, it really has some speed!


The black bear can be seen throughout the Pacific Maritime forests.


A typical species found in these parts is the Bald Eagle.

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